In light of the crazy, draconian and tyrannical actions based on the failed theory of viral contagion, I have decided to put this project on hold as a singular education, on how we are being scammed, is needed. Please go to NOVirus.TV as a launchpad to learn about this egregious fraud and what we can do about it. We must act quickly. So, please get involved.

Free Yourself of the Sickcare System

It is becoming more and more obvious as each day passes that the medical industry is an industry of consumable-renewable products. The most profitable business model is the consumable-renewable model. Just as Coca-Cola is a consumable-renewable product, one which consumers make repeat-purchases, so too, is the pharmaceutical industry’s line of products.

There are evermore drugs and vaccines in the pipeline. They are not designed to cure anybody of any so-called disease.  They are not designed to provide optimal health and longevity. The business model is such that the industry has you coming back over and over again for the rest of your life, in an attempt to mitigate symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of disease. As more and more drugs are added to an individual’s lineup of drugs, more side-effects occur and require even more drugs to mitigate those new symptoms.


those so-called side-effects are not really side-effects. In fact, there is no such a thing as a side-effect. That was a marketing term created to downplay unwanted actions, to make the potential customer give greater consideration to the so-called benefit of the drug. The so-called side-effects are just as much a full-on effect of the drug as the so-called benefit. So what you are doing is causing massive long term destruction for the sake of getting temporary relief of one particular symptom… A symptom that is your body telling you that you need to make some lifestyle changes to prevent that bad thing from happening.

This is a great business model for making money. But it is an egregiously unethical crime against humanity. The pharmaceutical industry has been taking advantage of an uninformed public for far too long. It is time now for we as individuals to take control of our own health. No more surrendering our health to some mindless man/woman in a white coat that is simply pushing as many pills as he/she can because that’s how he/she affords his/her Mercedes-Benz. To be fair, these doctors (men and women) certainly entered the field because they wanted to help people. But you cannot spend a lifetime distributing pills and watching people get sicker and sicker, and claim that you are there to help. There is a multitude of reasons why those in the profession rationalize and do not change upon these observations. Not the least of which is the fear of changing occupations after going deep into debt from which they may never recover.

We have been deprived of the real science behind our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional existence. The Academy for the Advancement of Optimal Health and Longevity provides the factual information of which we have been deprived for the sake of making the pharmaceutical industry the wealthiest (and perhaps, the most callous) industry on the planet.