The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessen

Several men in the past 100 years had invented microscopes capable of magnifying 26000 to 33000 diameters. For the first time, man could see things that he only theorized about in the past. Because of these inventions, and the ability to see the actual action of these microscopic elements, “germ theory” and “virus theory” were […]


This course discusses the various aspects of detoxification. From an explanation as to what it is, why it is an absolute requirement for optimal health and longevity, and how to proceed in a safe manner to accomplish the task of fully eliminating obstructions from the digestive system and the lymphatic system (cellular level detox).  Create […]

Nattokinase and Ester-C for Arterial Plaque

This course discusses the research benefits of Vitamin (ESTER) C and Nattokinase. And takes into consideration the incredible benefits of using both at the same time. One must keep in mind that there are no magic bullets. Although this technique has a dramatic impact on eliminating arterial plaque in repairing damage, it is vital to […]