Nattokinase and Ester-C for Arterial Plaque

This course discusses the research benefits of Vitamin (ESTER) C and Nattokinase. And takes into consideration the incredible benefits of using both at the same time.

One must keep in mind that there are no magic bullets. Although this technique has a dramatic impact on eliminating arterial plaque in repairing damage, it is vital to understand the detoxification process and the absolute necessity of undertaking it as a lifestyle in order to have optimal health and longevity.

With that said those individuals who have reached the point of serious cardiovascular issues, this technique along with detoxification could be highly beneficial in the short and long-term.

Module 1 Nattokinase
Unit 1 What is Nattokinase?
Unit 2 How does Nattokinase work?
Unit 3 What are the benefits of Nattokinase?
Unit 4 Units of Measure
Unit 5 Endnotes for Nattokinase Course
Module 2 Vitamin C
Unit 1 Vitamin C is required to patch damaged vessels
Unit 2 The One-Two Punch