The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessen

Several men in the past 100 years had invented microscopes capable of magnifying 26000 to 33000 diameters.

For the first time, man could see things that he only theorized about in the past. Because of these inventions, and the ability to see the actual action of these microscopic elements, "germ theory" and "virus theory" were completely obliterated.

Sadly. by the time these microscopes were invented, the Pharmaceutical Industry was making a fortune by having the population believe and "germ" and "virus" theory.

Both of these men had their lives ruined and their inventions hampered and destroyed.

To this day, the erroneous theories of "germ" and "virus" prevail. This is to the detriment of mankind. We are currently being led into a massive holocaust driven by fear and panic created by the Pharmaceutical and other Interests and Industries.

This course is hereby presented freely so that mankind has the resources to learn the truth and usher in a new era of health and freedom.

Module 1 Forward
Unit 1 Forward
Module 2 Preface
Unit 1 Preface
Module 3 Main Book
Unit 1 Chapter 1 - Discovery of the World's Smallest Living Organism  - Preview
Unit 2 Chapter 2 - Gaston Naessens's Life and Work  - Preview
Unit 3 Chapter 3 - The Birth of Public Support  - Preview
Unit 4 Chapter 4 - The Trial Begins
Unit 5 Chapter 5 - The Surgeon and the Somatid
Unit 6 Chapter 6 - Let No Stone Be Unturned
Unit 7 Chapter 7 - The Dam of Dogma
Unit 8 Chapter 8 - Someone or Something
Unit 9 Chapter 9 - Guelph
Unit 10 Chapter 10 - The Defense
Unit 11 Chapter 11 - "En Dehois de Tout Doute Raisonnable"
Unit 12 Chapter 12 - Tug-of- War
Unit 13 Chapter 13 - Cracks in the Wall
Unit 14 Chapter 14 - The Quest for Truth
Unit 15 Chapter 15 - Gladiators in a New Arena
Unit 16 Chapter 16 - Breakout From Quèbec
Unit 17 Chapter 17 - Medical Dissent
Unit 18 Chapter 18 - Epilogue: An "Enemy of the People"
Unit 19 Appendix A - What Has Become of the Rife Microscope?
Unit 20 Appendix B - 714–X: A Highly Promising Nontoxic Treatment for Cancer and Other Immune Deficiencies
Unit 21 Appendix C - Addendum to the Second Edition