Everyone always focuses on food and nutrition but there are many other factors required for optimal health and longevity. For example;

  • removal of obstructions,
  • removal of stressors, and
  • not the least of which is breathing.

The breathing habits of modern man is atrocious. All other animals live in the moment. They are focused on what is presently around. Nothing else matters. They are acutely aware of their bodily functions. Humans, however, are so distracted and virtually always in light fight or flight mode. In this mode, we are breathing for other circumstances than day-to-day living. It is far from optimal. In fact, it is so very destructive.

In this course, you will learn a series of breathing techniques that will bring your breathing to optimal function.

Module 1 Breathing Slower and Less: The Greatest Health Discovery Ever
Unit 1 Content of the book
Unit 2 Disclaimer
Unit 3 Introduction
Unit 4 Chapter 1. CP (control pause): your oxygenation index
Unit 5 Chapter 2. Beathing and Oxygenation
Unit 6 Chapter 3. Breathing and modern diseases
Unit 7 Chapter 4. Breathing and quality of life
Unit 8 Chapter 5. Why do we breathe too heavily?
Unit 9 Chapter 6. The Buteyko breathing method and related questions
Unit 10 Appendix
Unit 11 About the author
Module 2 Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises
Unit 1 Introduction - Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises
Unit 2 Table of content
Unit 3 Chapter 1. Body O2 test or CP test and morning CP
Unit 4 Chapter 2. Diaphragmatic breathing
Unit 5 Chapter 3. Restrictions, limits, and temporary contraindications
Unit 6 Chapter 4. Buteyko exercises for beginners
Unit 7 Chapter 5. Breath holds and maximum pauses: health effects and uses
Unit 8 Chapter 6. Intensive Buteyko breathing exercises
Unit 9 Chapter 7. Treatment of blunted and lost CO2 sensitivity
Unit 10 Chapter 8. Breathing exercises during physical activity
Unit 11 Conclusions
Unit 12 About the Author Dr. Artour Rakhimov
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